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I have been in the life insurance business for nearly a decade. I've learned that people just prefer to research online and even buy online. I hope this website is helpful to you. This is my beloved family. They're the reason I personally own life insurance and the reason I am so passionate about what it does for families.





First, let's clear the air


Life insurance is... well...not always the most exciting topic.


Afterall, talking about death isn't something we like to think about, much less plan for.


BUT, a lot has changed with Life Insurance.


It isn't what it used to be. Kind of like cell phones. They've evolved from a rotary-style phone to one of the most powerful tools on the planet.


You're probably reading this from your mobile phone right now. Things evolve. And life insurance is no exception. 


So let's proceed so you can learn 5 ways to Rethink Life Insurance.




#1.  The cost of Life Insurance has gone down. 



Due to the magic of modern medicine, people are living much longer now. Which actually makes the cost of insurance go down. 






Which means whether you buy Term Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, or Universal Life Insurance, it will be cheaper today than it was several years ago, given the same age.


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But living longer comes with its own set of issues which leads to the next change...




#2.  Stroke. Cancer. Heart Attack. [and more]



Every 43 seconds, someone suffers a critical illness, commonly referred to as a "dread disease" (probably at least once since you've been reading this). 


Fortunately, most people survive.  


Yet their quality of life suffers dramatically. Many people cannot return to the same type of work. Wouldn't it be great to get a big fat check in the mail instead of another sympathy card?


After all, you might have health insurance to cover medical expenses, but how will your mortgage or rent be paid? Or phone bill? Or how will food be put on the table if you cannot work, temporarily or permanently?






With the right kind of life insurance policy, we'll send you a Get-Well Soon card. WITH that check you know you always secretly hoped would be there. It'll be there.


In other words, you no longer have to die in order for this to make sense. Pretty cool, huh? 


            >>>View this clip to learn about critical illness

#3. Cash! Cash! Cash!


What if your life insurance policy can also act as a type of bank?


Did you know that for certain kinds of policies you can access the money that has been building up inside of it, without paying taxes on it?  


The cash value inside this policy can get so large that most people like to utilize it for retirement income or an emergency fund.


It's an IRS Tax provision [IRC 7702] that allows for tax-deferred growth with tax-free access to the money. Basically, it's where the wealthy put their wealth.  



       >>>This video can provide more insight.





[3 things you must know...]


 1. You can put as much as you want in this account


 2. There are no early withdrawal penalties


 3. And when structured properly, NO taxes on the growth or when you take it out


          >>>Let us know and we can help you create this plan



#4. It's a great education funding vehicle



Everyone knows that college tuition has been experiencing ridiculous inflation.  


See this chart to compare against home prices.






So starting early and having a plan is critical.


Traditional Education funding works fine but has several limitations. 


Like the fact that the money has to be used for qualifying educational purposes.


Well, that's fine. But what if your child decides they want to start a business instead? Or what if they get a full ride scholarship and don't need the 529 plan?


You're stuck with a very expensive retirement plan. If you try to take money out for any other reason but educational expenses, the IRS will hit you with a 10% penalty and require you to pay federal and state taxes.


Life Insurance can be a great college funding tool (or funding anything, really).


As previously mentioned, with the proper design and policy, you can accumulate an incredible amount of tax free money.


And no one will tell you how you must use it, when you can use it, or require approval. That's how it should be. I mean, it's your money, right?



#5. And Finally, CHRONIC Care


What would happen if you or a loved one couldn't perform basic functions, like...


- Bathing. The ability to clean oneself and perform grooming activities like shaving and brushing teeth. - Dressing. The ability to get dressed by oneself without struggling with buttons and zippers.

- Eating. The ability to feed oneself.

- Transferring. Being able to either walk or move oneself from a bed to a wheelchair and back again.

- Toileting. The ability to get on and off the toilet.

- Continence. The ability to control one's bladder and bowel functions.  


With the right life insurance policy, you can access a portion of the death benefit to pay for long term care if you can't perform 2 of the 6 Acts of Daily Living (ADL) noted above.
Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance can be very costly. Acceleration of the death benefit of a life policy can be an economic and affordable option. 
We can help you figure out the right plan to fit your budget. 

About Rethinking Life Insurance

Rethinking Life Insurance was created to be a resource for you, the consumer, without all the noise. Located in Clark's Summit, Pa and serving throughout the Nation, we wanted to create a place where you can learn, talk to a professional, and ultimately get an adequate amount of coverage. If you or a loved one passed away or had a critical illness, do you want a sympathy card or a check with a few zeros on the end?  We believe everyone needs life insurance, and usually more than they originally thought.  We are passionate about life insurance and will help you through the entire process.




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