Living Wills

[There's good news and bad news]


Here's the bad news...



Sometimes accidents and unforseen events happen in life that affect your health.


There a million scenarios that could happen that might inhibit your ability to make conscious decisions about how you desire to receive medical care.


Life Insurance is really just one piece of your planning.


Ever hear of Teri Schiavo


This heart breaking story exemplifies how not having a legal document can tear families apart and cause unwanted emotional grief.


Wouldn't you like to have a say in how you receive medical attention?




Here's the good news...



Here at Rethinking Life Insurance, one of our Advisors can help you create a legal Advanced Directive (aka living will). 


The better news is that we offer this completely FREE as a community service.


Having an attorney draft this document is one option.


But they will send you a bill.


The only thing we will send you is free support.



Okay, maybe there is ONE catch...



All we ask is that you spread the word.


We want to help you.


We also want to help all of your friends and loved ones.


Nooooo...we don't require it. 


But if you're happy with the service we provide with this website and with this Free service of creating a living will..... 


We'd love to help everyone else you know.



Final thoughts...


There is a lot that goes into creating an Advanced Directive. 


Knowing who to appoint as a health care advocate, for example.


Knowing which services you do want and which you don't.


Creating a Living will is not as complicated as it sounds.


But it helps to have a professional walk you through setting one up. 



Let us know when you're ready. In the meantime, feel free to watch this short video on 5 things you should know about Living Wills.





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