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"At first I couldn't believe how much insurance I actually needed. But once we walked through all the details with a licensed advisor at Rethinking Life Insurance, I was even more surprised how affordable it would be. Insurance through work just wasn't enough."
-Issac T.



"I highly recommend working with Rethinking Life Insurance! They have been extremely patient and natural educators. Lifetime client here!"
-Chris R.



"When I first started looking online for help I came across Rethinking Life Insurance. After learning some of the basics, I was ready to have a phone conversation with an advisor. I was so impressed with how knowledgeable they were and their willingness to really make sure I knew what I was buying. I have referred several of my friends here." 
-Sarah L.



"When we were finally ready to buy additional coverage, we had no idea Rethinking Life Insurance could help us choose which insurance company to go with. They really are unbiased as they have dozens of companies they can recommend. Together we found the right plan that made the most sense for our family."
-Matt and Kim D.



"I honestly can't thank Rethinking Life Insurance enough. 6 months after we purchased the policy that fit our needs and budget, my husband suffered severe 3rd degree burns from an accident. It was heart wrenching and scary. Thankfully, we had this policy setup that allowed for us to access a portion of the death benefit due to this critical health event. It helped us pay the bills and stay afloat and not worry about foreclosure. There are so many options to choose when selecting the right product and company, and Rethinking Life Insurance helped us navigate the best solution that ultimately saved our finances."
-Maribel P.



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